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We now have an affordable solution to cutting your charge times in half. 

  • 48V, 52V, 60V and 72V 5A Li-Ion Battery Charger
  • CONNECTOR : 5.5*2.1mm, GX16, DC7909 8mm
  • INPUT : AC100-240V 50/60Hz~5A
  • OUTPUT : 54.6V, 58.8V, 67.2V, 84V - 5.0A



The LED light on the charger remains RED while charging and turns green when the battery is fully charged or disconnected. 


Do not leave the battery on the charger for long periods like several days or more.

Do not store an empty battery in case you need to store it for some reason. Store it about 50-60% charged. 

Charge your E-Scooter battery regularly. You do not have to let the battery discharge completely.

5 amp charger

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