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This is a custom Maxamp 52v replacement pack utilizing Samsung 21700 cells and a smart bluetooth bms that you can view on your phone. The connectors will be what comes stock with the D6 and Varla E1 Pro (dual XT60 and Dual XT30). This is truly a plug and play for your old worn out  battery. This pack is capable of delivering a constant 60a of current and 180a bursts. Although your current scooter in the stock configuration wont pull that much current its available. Please do note that you will need a deck spacer in order to run a 30ah pack on the zero 10x or the varla eagle one. We have the spacer available as well. These packs are currently in stock.  Now you can see whats actually going on with the battery with the included smart BMS. There is a 6 month warranty against manufacturers defects. Exposure to liquid and leaving the battery on idle at a full charge will degrade the pack and isn't covered under warranty. If you plan on leaving the battery on idle you must charge or discharge it to 60% full capacity for up to a month. 

D6+ 2.0 and Varla Eagle one upgraded battery

    • 14s6p configuration 
    • 52v 30ah 
    • Samsung cells with 60a JBD bms 
    • Continous discharge of 60a with 180a bursts
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